If you have ever heard classic rock, there’s a chance you’ve heard “All Right Now” by Free.  It has a lot of classic ingredients to make it a rock radio staple:  Instantly recognizable intro, catchy chorus, a general “feel good” vibe, etc.  It’s not my favorite song of all time, but it’s, well, all right.  In the video below, the Youtube comments start out pretty normal. People talk about misheard lyrics, and good memories had while hearing it (such as losing one’s virginity).

Then, 100% out of nowhere, you get hit with this gem like a ton of stupid bricks:  “I can see things the same like a black cock fucker tried trickin’ her trashman to get rid of me just like the song said thinkin’ she in love with me just the same when she’s not. so what dose the trashguy who hate nigger do. stick it to me gently witches brewed style… I hate black cock fucker, you know what I like to do with ’em.. skinned them.”

This is a fascinating attempt to make a parallel with the lyrics, I would say, in addition to it sounding like some drugged up, racist alien communiqué.

“I said slow don’t talk so fast/Don’t you think that love can last/She said love, Lord above/
Now you’re trying to trick me in love.”

I don’t know exactly what that means, but it mentions no plot to trick a “trashman” into getting rid of anyone.  I also don’t know what “stick it to me gently witches brewed style” means, and I’m frankly afraid to ask.

To cleanse yourself of the indignities of man, just listen to the actual song, see the actual lyrics and try not to live your life witches brewed style.