I happen to enjoy every Dick Dale song I’ve ever heard.  I just think his music — and surf music in general (almost without exception) — sounds cool.  Even his sloppier performances are still top notch in my book.

Still, for whatever reason, some people are just not fans, and will vote him down on Youtube.  After one commentator dismissed the down voters as “morons” and wondered what they hope to accomplish, someone chimed in:  “Absolutely nothing. Whether I like or dislike it, nothing will change. That’s why you shouldn’t insult those with different opinions from yours.”

That is all debatable, of course.  Voting something down while knowing it will accomplish nothing may be an insult-worthy offense.  Then again, verbal insults may not match the bitter sting of a Youtube down vote.  So, in cases such as these, I give an up vote for a crucifix/Cat o’ nine tails type of approach.

Or what’s that thing where you tie a person to 4 horses and make them run off in separate directions?  I always thought that one was cool, and technically not even cruel to the horses, because they probably don’t feel much pain and don’t really know what’s going on.  Just give ’em a gentle whap and off they go, to reinforce the idea that Dick Dale is the king of surf guitar, and that surf music is indeed great.