I was listening to a Youtube video of “Xtal” by Aphex Twin.
At some point I scrolled down to read the following: “Richards music hasnt been created by himself. God created the Human. God have him ideas. God made him do the music. Richard David James Or known as Aphex Twin is a gift from God. His Music touched Thousands of people all around the globe. You should thank him and thank him for the many extremely awesome music producers wich you love so much!”

Am I to take this as a literal truth? If so, I don’t even know where to begin. The suggestion is that Richard D. James — AKA Aphex twin — did not create the track in question by himself, because “God created the Human.” So how does that work? If what we create is not actually created by us, then it’s like saying we didn’t create it. Or does that only apply to music-makers, or other creative people? Or does it only apply to Aphex Twin, and other people this poster apparently likes?

Also, if God gives all creative people their ideas, then why bother creating creative people to begin with? Why not skip the middle man, if people don’t even have any say in the process anyway? Are they in fact creative people making wonedrful things, or do they not become like puppets whose products are essentially just shams? I mean, why not just give God the credit for this track and get rid of the Aphex Twin name? Just called it “Xtal” by God. Then again, “Xtal” offers the vaguest possible hint of meaning outside of the word God, so why not just call the track itself God? And what if someone listens to the track and doesn’t think of God? Does that mean the track has failed to convey the “gift” of God? Well, might as well not have the music and just talk about God all the time.

On top of this, it stands to reason that anyone who hasn’t touched “thousands of people all around the globe” isn’t conveying God very successfully, and is therefore more of a failure in God’s eyes. So God must have something to do with excellent record sales, promotion and distribution. God is clearly a busy thingamabob.