Have your pick:

“everbody’s banging or fucking hay bales to this stuff.”

“’72 Camaro SS  and an AM/8-Track flying up US 41  getting pulled over and let go with a warning…Being a white male pre  1980 was SOOO FUCKING AWESOME- TRigger that motherfucker”

And, finally, completely out of nowhere:  “do you think once liberal Hollywood movies move away from constant violence and gun shooting, the American cultural as a whole will follow suit and also sway away from constant violence and gun shooting?”

I feel obligated to comment on the last one a bit.  What’s the obsession with constantly adding “liberal” to Hollywood?  I watch enough TV and movies to know they don’t always reflect liberal/progressive/leftist values.  More to the point, this has nothing to do with Boston’s song.  It’s just fascinating how the human mind works (or doesn’t work, as the case may be).