For the first time ever, I found a Youtube lyric video that does not contain any lyrics in the video itself.  As one comment says, “You ogha to be ashamd of yourself for not including the words.”  On that note, I would say “You ogha to be ashamd” if someone didn’t include the lyrics to Alanis Morissette’s “You Ogha To Know.”

Another listener notes, “Love this song wish was on the some the video games like WWE smackdown vs RAW games in the past.”  I don’t know exactly what to say about that, except that I like how “wish was on the some the video games” sort of rolls of the tongue.  It adds a nice, abstract touch to an otherwise mundane comment.

Someone else chimes in:  “this song reminds me of the girl that im getting fucked up too and txting at the same time im sure this ends well lol.”  You see, this is why you don’t get “fucked up” and “txt” at the same time.  It will complicate your Stabbing Westward listening experience (should you choose to have any).