Is John Mclaughlin the greatest guitarist of all-time?

I don’t believe there’s a definitive “greatest guitarist of all-time,” but one Youtube commentator thinks so. After listening to his playing in the song “Guitar Love,” I can understand why someone would think that. For the record, I like the murkiness of this audio better than what I heard in the studio version, because it lends the track a raw quality and has the instruments blending in more. It also helps to see the person play the notes, at least for me. While I’m not so crazy about the “smooth” jazzy backing instruments here, Mr. Mclaughlin still does a great job, regardless of genre convention — and his playing sounds sincere, like he actually means the notes. That does not always happen by any means, and is a stumbling block for many musicians (again, regardless of genre).

So show some guitar love and listen to it here: