I’m not hugely into singer-songwriter stuff, as most of it’s kinda boring to me (sorry).  Plus, all too often it reminds me of the American Idolization of music, where lyrics and voices are always pretty, beautiful (how nice!), and kinda boring — like they’re trying to lull a goddamn baby to sleep.

The music typically takes second stage — a boring acoustic guitar and/or piano not really doing much, playing it safe as the singer sings about his or her breakup, or whatever.  The intended effect?  When it’s done well, the room grows quiet, and one could hypothetically hear a pin drop (if they’re not using it to pierce their own flesh to stay awake).  Usually when people call these songs powerful, I think, “Yeah, powerful like a sedative.”

Still, putting my emotionless asshole nature aside, some of these songs can have decent lyrics, and can receive decent Youtube comments.  For example, Death Cab for Cutie’s ‘I Will Follow You into the Dark’ has the following comment:  “Rest in peace Humpty Dumpty, you were too good of an egg.”

I don’t know if that’s a reference to anything specific, such as a TV show where Humpty Dumpty’s death was tied in with this particular song.  Whatever the case may be, I enjoyed reading that.

Here’s the video.