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The title question is something I’ve  never asked before, but after scrolling through Youtube comments for Debussy’s “Préludes,” I found this gem:  “I want to kill myself to this music.”  Of course, my first reaction was to laugh, and I didn’t watch the whole video anyway, but I began to ask myself that important question:  Would this music complement a hypothetical suicide?

Don’t get me wrong, I have no intent of killing myself (or anyone else, for that matter), but do these piano pieces have enough dynamic range to match the mood of such an experience?  It’s a lofty question, surely not easily answered.

Of course, some technical questions emerge.  Would I have to listen to all of the  Préludes first, or could I do it in the middle of the experience?  Honestly, it almost seems pointless to do such a thing before the collection is completed.  There is almost an obligation to go through the entirety of the piece, I would think.  This is not something you want to half-ass!

Finally, a concern that’s up to individual tastes and psychological inclinations:  If I was to off myself midstream (so to speak), which section would best suit my purposes?  Honestly, I’m not very familiar with the piece, so I’d probably have to do some thorough research for such a big decision.

Now, I could get all “classical nerd” on you here and say, “Ah, I would do it during this amazing  glissando” (assuming there are worthwhile glissandos here), or ,”When this staccato section is over, then so am I!”  But I won’t bore you with the details.  I’m just saying it would become quite an endeavor for me, personally.

Basically, this is just food for thought.  Now, enjoy the music!